Lunchtime Bliss: This is just a quickie, but it's still so good! Take a break from the office to re-energize your body, mind, and soul. Includes neck, shoulder, and forehead massage.

Sacred Sunday Flow: A great way to start the week! A vinyasa flow class for all levels with meditation and chanting.

Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Bliss & Vinyasa Flow: Combining Ashtanga and Hatha poses in a fluid sequence, this class concentrates on connecting breath, bandhas (energy locks) and drishti (focus) in a smooth and strengthening experience. Detoxify and invigorate your body as your personal wisdom, intuition and acceptance are deeply encouraged. All levels welcome.

Beginner Yoga: For the beginning level practitioner (first class - first year). Class will include a fundamental breakdown of core hatha yoga postures, an awareness of breath and an opportunity for stillness.

Happy Hour: A class that will move, vinyasa form, much like Lunchtime Bliss. There will be an emphasis on heart opening postures that will make us happy! All levels welcome.

Pranayam: The loving & sacred practice of breathing is open to all ages (9 to 90). The control & proper breathing will take your anxiety, depression, mental and hyper-tension, & "incurable" diseases away. Regular practice of Pranayam is the permanent solution for high blood pressure, heart blockages, diabetes, allergies & asthma.

Stretch for Life: Get flexible to the extreme in this fun and exciting class. All levels welcome.

Restorative/Healing Yoga: A class that is influence by restorative and yin styles and is aimed towards those who work their bodies out really hard several times a week, whether its through yoga, CrossFit, running, etc. It would include a slow warm up, followed by a variation on sun salutations to get the body warm, then going into deeper stretching with the support of props. Farren's Restorative classes will include didgeridoo sound healing.

Hatha Level 1: A balanced and foundational approach to the world of Yoga. Beginners to advanced and all body types. Healing Didgeridoo sound healing included!

Ashtanga Yoga: A theoretical and practical exploration of yoga as a system to overcome the obstacles between the unreal and the real. We will be experimenting with classical yogic tools like asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation. All levels welcome.

Live Music Bliss Yoga: A vinyasa yoga class taught to the smooth tunes of our favorite local musician, Tim Catching!

Slow Pose Yin: Characterized by intentional breath and long-held postures that encourage "letting go", this style targets ligaments, joints and deep fascia allowing for a more comfortable seated meditation practice. Slow down and come IN with Yin.

QiGong: Empower your body to reduces stress & embrace natural balance. Though this ancient form of Magnetic movement & Breathing techniques by utilizing a relatively simple yet powerful form of guided QIGONG, you can support your physical and emotional health & accelerate your natural healing process.

Gentle Yoga: A great class for those brand new to yoga! Also great for anyone who would like a gentle beginner experience. The Let Go Flow: A happy fusion of vinyasa and expressive yoga! All levels welcome!

Acro Jam: A like minded gathering of people who would like to share acro/flying yoga together, experience necessary.

Yin Aroma: A welcoming class for all to practice poses low to the floor. Builds patience, bone density, stretches connective tissue and prepares you for meditation while in the midst of aromatherapy.

FAMILY YOGA!: Yoga class for the entire family! All are welcome! All ages, no experience necessary. Have fun together and connect while balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.

Meditation: Led meditation practice. Beginners welcome. Be guided into inner peace and stillness. Power Vinyasa: A strong flow focusing on alignment and core strength. Modifications given if needed. All are welcome.

Yoga for Recovery: A gentle yoga class for ALL to enjoy, especially those recovering from addiction, physical pain, injuries, illness, anxiety and depression.

All Ages Acro: Fundamental acrobatic skills taught in steps for all to learn. Get good at tumbling! Fun for all ages. Children and adults welcome.

Gentle Yin Yoga: Come relax and de-stress while your senses are stimulated by diffused essential oils, sounds of singing bowls, and guided chakra meditations (bring your crystals if you like).